Koi Asian Cuisine

Mon. - Sat.: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Sunday: 12:00noon - 9:00pm
Lunch: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Free Delivery:Saco,Biddeford,Old Orchard Beach .
(Min.$15,Except city Above, We will be charge delivery fee)
  • Hello. I just got back with my order and an enroll is missing.
    taurea*******@gmail.com posted at 11/23/2019
  • Hi! I am trying to reach the owner about sending you guys more Postmates orders. What is the best way to reach them?
    presto*******@postmates.com posted at 6/28/2019
  • Hi!
    This is Preston from Postmates. I have reached out previously in regards to getting you all started! July 4th weekend is around the corner, and I would love to send you all orders! We will be running special promotions during this time. Is there a good time we could chat for 5-10 minutes today?
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Preston P
    presto*******@postmates.com posted at 6/19/2019
  • Whoever JUST answered the phone at 6pm on 2/13/19 was not only absolutely RUDE to me, she tried to hang up on me early, rushed me through ordering and wasn't listening to me so I had to repeat my order and my card number at least 3 times a piece. 
    kdon*****@une.edu posted at 2/13/2019
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  • My order got messed up and when I called to get it fixed all I was offered was "next time" whatever that means. I don't want to wait until next time, I rarely get to order sushi, who knows when "next time" will be, or if you will even hold in to that word. I get mistakes happen, but I'm really upset with the lack of wanting to fix it.
    kaitlin*******@gmail.com posted at 12/21/2018
  • I saw you guys were hiring and I was wondering for what positions? 
    michel*******@icloud.com posted at 5/7/2018
  • Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee. 
    We don't charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I'll share my portfolio with you.
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    Thank you,
    Ethan at Crew
    et***@mail.crew.io posted at 2/23/2018
  • Hello! I used to live in Maine. And I enjoyed the restaurant so much!! My favorite was “spicy chicken”.  It was something I still couldn’t find in a different place. 
    I would very appreciate if you could send me the name of how this dish is really called  back to my email. 
    Thank you!
    marg*****@mail.usf.edu posted at 2/22/2018
  • Feel bad doing this but tonight will be our last take out order from Koi ever. The food has gone down hill so much the last 2 years. Tonight was the last straw as the majority of the crab Rangoon we ordered 
    was nearly empty of fillings. The pork fried rice had no flavor and at least half of the chicken fingers were nothing but tempura.
    This was not always the case as a lot of their earlier food was delicious. I used to recommend people here but no more. The food quality is just terrible now. Goodbye Koi!
    jakexc*******@yahoo.com posted at 2/17/2018
  • Food was old and hard i paid 30$ and got pretty much nothing also the ribs taste like there was a chemical on them. So not happy!!!
    alexsg*******@gmail.com posted at 2/9/2018
  • Hello,
    I stopped in a few months ago and left you my business card.  I work for UniFirst and would like to give you a quote on the services you are currently receiving from Cintas.  Please email me back or call me at 207-590-0785, I can cut your overall cost by quite a bit.  Thank You.
    jason*****@unifirst.com posted at 1/11/2018
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  • Hi there!We were wondering if we could use the "back room" again for a baby shower?!We had such a wonderful time there in June with the wedding - we would like to come back.Please let me know.We have decorations, cake and would like to place a order for food at a later date.October 29th at 2pm please.Thank you!Pam Manoffpmanoff@unum.com
    pma****@unum.com posted at 9/23/2016
  • I ordered take out yesterday and I got something that didnt look right. So I went back to ask to see if it was correct and one of the workers yelled at me. Saying "I worked here for 13 years and I never got anything wrong." Also there were people dinning in. I asked nicely and she started to yell at me. She told us we had to wait 25 minutes and we got there on time then she said 10 more minutes. Im very patient. I bought 84 dollars worth of sushi and I will never again. I'm very disappointed.
    asai****@gmail.com posted at 5/22/2016
  • Please charge to credit card on file.Sorry for the problem
    pa**@maine.rr.com posted at 5/22/2016
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  • Hello - I work for Patriot Subaru in Saco. We order food quite often and I am very offended by a review from one of your delivery drivers who posted a review on our business because he delivered to us and did not receive a tip one time. He then stated in his review that we never tip ever. This is not true, (he would also not know that unless he worked delivery for every restaurant we order from) but I understand. The ONLY time we did not tip was a day the delivery driver showed up over an hour after the estimated delivery time and we were busy when he got here. Our receptionist took the food and signed the order slips but did not herself get any food or take the order so she did not feel comfortable giving out money that was not hers. I'm sorry to say, we will no longer be doing business with Koi due to the bad review. Unfortunately that is just not how people do business with each other. I am sorry that your driver missed out on a tip 
    kazbe******@gmail.com posted at 3/11/2016
  • I really hate to do this because as someone who has worked in the food business and customer service I understand how difficult things can get sometimes. However on several occasions I have received my delivery of sushi without the fish inside but I was still charged the full price. The presentation during these times when my order was wrong was also very sloppy. This has now happened twice. I think an important point to make is that quality matters. If the customer is paying a price that reflects a high standard that is what should be received. I would just recommend that more time and care go into each individual meal. The motto from the food business in which I worked was "do it right the first time" and in the food business thats a very important one to stick to. 
    sara*****@yahoo.com posted at 2/28/2016